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At Fifty Ads Management, we understand that change is not always easy. Since 2017, we’ve been helping companies of all sizes respond to industry transitions in order to stay competitive. Our years of experience have taught us to always make your business success our priority.

Our team of experts is ready to help you develop strategies to thrive your company's future. Contact us today to set up your first consultation.

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The engine tailors the design and marketing text to specifically appeal to each user. This focused and deliberate marketing process zeros in on what is the most likely to entice a user, creating more successful campaigns.

We work closely with our clients to define the widest range of design element tags and variables, and to input predefined business, audience, and messaging rules into the Creative engine. When the tags start generating impressions, our decision engine figures out, on the fly, what variables to show in each impression. This happens for every impression.

The engine makes these choices based on performance metric information or other analytical data that the advertiser specifies.


The design structure of your banner is imported into the system along with all of the design variables.

For optimization purposes, we’ll slip retargeting codes and pixels that track conversions into the advertiser’s website.


Our clients can generate all the ad tags they need but only one per format is needed.

The advertiser or agency defines the banner tags and traffics these tags into their display advertising campaign.


Now for the real magic, our intuitive Decision Engine identifies the best combination of potential design elements to display in an impression.

The end result is highly targeted and more likely to be successful than a random, cycling batch of impressions.

It is as close as one can reasonably come to individually choosing each impression on a case by case basis.

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